What about the effects of micro bubbles?

Four effects of microbubbles


① Cleaning effect

Micro bubbles have negative ions, and dirt with positive ions.It has excellent detergency because it attracts dirt, binds it well, and floats in water as it is.

Bath time is about 10 minutes.


 ② For dogs who have trouble with atopy or allergies

People are not the only skin troubles! It’s a serious problem for dogs.

Microbubbles remove root worms, ticks and other causative parasites. Because you don't have to rub

Can be washed without directly touching the skin.

③ Hot bath effect...

‥ Unlike human beings, we do not eat and drink hot meals and alcohol, and the load of external energy is

There is a risk of unnecessarily exhausting your physical strength. Microbubble bath keeps blood flow at a relatively low temperature

Improves and promotes activation of cells, muscles, tissues, organs and expects a hot bath effect.

④ Relaxing effect...

♦ Gives a comfortable massage effect by microvibration of micro bubbles. Negative ions at the same time

Since it occurs in large quantities, it relaxes the feelings of the dog and also has a mental care effect.

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