Tips on Choosing Treadmill for Dogs

Tips on Choosing Treadmill for Dogs


Before choosing treadmills, you need to understand what are the things you should actually look forward to, from a dog treadmill. 

So, following are some of the points which will help you to understand the requirement and the product.

1). You can get three types of treadmills for small dogs, medium-sized dogs and large dogs. So, you can buy the treadmill according to the size of your dog.

2). The treadmill belt should be broad and the length should be more than the human treadmills. This is because dogs have four legs and due to this, they require more space than us.

3). The treadmills for dogs should have a stable base as even slight rocking may distract the dog and he may soon lose his interest in walking on it.

4). Treadmill should have a strong motor which can keep the equipment working for years.

5). The treadmill should not have any center post. This will behave as an obstruction, which will result in the disinterest of the dog in doing any exercise on the treadmill.

6). Getting to know about function of treadmills and speed available range,according to your special needs. E.g:Lifing or Unlifting; Double lifting or single lifting; Foldling,ect.

7). Discuss the warranty/guarantee on the treadmill before buying.

8). For distributor or wholesales,OEM/ODM service available

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