How much does a canine underwater treadmill cost?

How much does a canine underwater treadmill cost?

You want your dog to feel comfortable and stay fit, right? Anything that improves its quality of life is worth it. Though this hydrotherapy may cost you a bit more than any other equipment, it promises better results for your dog. In order to meet custmer's different needs,Sangle Pet Factory offers several types of underwater treadmills for sales at very attractive prices with different designs.

Multi-funcitonal canine underwater treadmill(PT580/580C)

Stand Hydrotherapy Water Treadmill(PT380C/PT480C)

Basic Underwater treadmills for dogs(PT280/PT380/PT480)

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Buying your own underwater treadmill for dogs might seem expensive compared to taking your dogs to a clinic, but it can save you money on appointments, at least if the need is short-term. However, a treadmill at home will help you to work with your dog regularly without the hassle of travel.

If you are not planning to buy an underwater treadmill for your dog, then consider taking him/her to a good animal rehab. Do make sure that your dog is clean before going inside as they may charge extra if your dog pees or poops inside the canine underwater treadmill.

Before buying your own treadmill, take your dogs to practice the same at an animal rehab. Check with your veterinarian to find the best places where you can take your canine for the therapy. This will help you decide if it is the best therapy for your dog.

As noted, if you are taking your dog to an animal rehab, you will have to take extra care before your pet goes inside. Your dog should be cleaned before getting into the treadmill. Rinse their paws properly so they do not dirty the water. Make sure they have relieved themselves and have been freshened up within the last couple of hours.

After the exercise your dog might be thirsty due to taste-testing the chlorine. Be sure they're well hydrated before and after therapy. Don’t stress too much if your pooch pees, it's not as big of a deal because urine is much easier to clean.

Also, before buying the underwater treadmill for dogs, take recommendations from your vet.


Underwater treadmills have proven to be a boon for many dogs. Sangle Pet Factory has been trying efforts to help more pets stay healthy and fit witha professional underwater therapy.

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Thanks for your great concern.

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