About Canine Hydrotherapy Benefits

About Canine Hydrotherapy Benefits

Fitness isn't just for humans. The truth is, physical activity is important for pets, too! However, for some pets, it's not as easy to get the exercise they need. This may be due to mobility issues, obesity, or high-energy and athletic pets that need an abundance of physical activity to stay fit and happy.

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Hydrotherapy is a fun way to get your pet moving. Water provides therapeutic effects that lessen impact and injury while providing greater fluidity of motion. With  the water perforance and the professional hydrotherapist assistance, the pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds,could move at a pace(canine underwater treadmill) that is comfortable for him or her.

Hydrotherapy helps pets with:

  • Post-Operative Recovery

  • Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia

  • Weight Loss & Exercise

  • Fitness, Conditioning & Agility

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Mental Stimulation

Canine hydrotherapy benefits with underwatreter admill

Curious if the underwater treadmill is right for your pet?

Mobility issues can affect pets of all ages, and the underwater treadmill provides the benefits of a great workout without the weight-bearing environment. Hydrotherapy allows pets with mobility issues to strengthen their muscles and tendons without added pressure on the joints.

High-energy & athletic pets are presented with an added fitness challenge on the underwater treadmill. This form of conditioning also makes a pet's muscles stronger and improves cardiovascular endurance.

Obese & overweight pets can lose extra pounds and achieve an ideal body weight with hydrotherapy. The water's buoyancy reduces weight-bearing stress while, at the same time, increasing metabolic demand and improving muscle strength because of the natural resistance provided by the water.

Here customer feedback about our canine hydrotherpay underwater treadmill 

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