When is underwater treadmill therapy recommended?

When is underwater treadmill therapy recommended?

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Underwater treadmill therapy has become an integral part of today's veterinary rehabilitation practice. It aids in post-operative recovery, improving muscle strength and enhancing range of motion, which enables the affected body part a quicker return to function.

Chronic conditions, such as hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, luxating patella, spinal injury, and arthritis, can also benefit from the therapy's buoyant resistance. Patients may also experience pain relief during their hydrotherapy sessions due to the relaxing effects of the warm water.

Used in conjunction with proper nutrition, underwater treadmill therapy also offers a safe and effective exercise option for weight management. While the buoyant nature of the water helps to alleviate some of the excess pressure on the animal's joints, its resistance increases metabolic demand and improves muscle strength.

Additionally, underwater treadmill and hydrotherapy can be wonderful exercise for animal athletes. This type of controlled training can help to build and maintain muscle and strengthen the core to keep them in peak performance between seasons. Using various water levels increases the resistance, offering a more challenging workout, which is great conditioning for those athletes preparing for competitions in the off season.

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