Intelligent Cat Drying Box Machine Oxygen Therapy
Dual Compartment Pet Dryer Box Cabinet is a revolutionary piece of equipment in the 
pet grooming business! Groomers can use the dryer cabinet to increase efficiency in 
their work. Place one or multiple animals in the dryer box while you work on another!

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The small cat drying Box is a revolutionary piece of equipment in the pet grooming business!

Groomers can use the dryer cabinet to increase efficiency in their work. Place one or multiple animals in the dryer box while you work on another! Cabinet dryer boxes require no tables, blowers, noise, hot air, and the usual mess that is associated with manually drying pets.

Cleaning the filter and the internal cabinet space is also simple and quick!

Save money on labor and other associated expenses while serving more customers efficiently with the Pet Dryer Box.

Sangle Pet SL-UK107 Pet Cat Drying Box Machine Features

  • 90% quieter than conventional pet grooming dryers

  • Great for cats or more sensitive puppies due to quiet and relaxing functionality.

  • Saves on labor expenses and time. Allows for more efficiency and servicing more clients

  • Work on one pet while drying one in the box

  • Safer grooming through accident prevention. Avoid being scratched by scared animals through the enclosed circulation of the heated air in this dog drying box. 

  • Vent holes line the bottom of the door to ensure air circulation

  • Anti-overheating system will shut down the dog dryer box when temperatures exceed safe limits.

  • Infrared Light stimulated circulation, and promotes other healthy bodily functions in pets while they dry.

  • The cabinet dispenses hot air with negative ions to give the pet a smooth coat and to purify the air within the cabinet.

  • Easy to clean and operate!

Technical Data:

Model: SL-UK107

More information:

Material: Metal plate/ Armoured glass

Pet care(Clean,Sterilize,Rest,Relax,Entertainment and etc.)

Function: Air Circulation technology /Aroma therapy/Oxygen therapy

2pcs Air Machine;26pcs Air outlet;Power:1.2KW; 

Inner size:46cm*38.5cm*45cm;

Outer size:53cm*53.5cm*65.4cm;

Use for 1pcs dogs or cat about 8KGS


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