Lifting Dog Wash Tub Plastic
The lifting dog wash tub adopts super plastic material,anti-microbial accessories,clean and safe.The anti-slide bottom helpful for dogs
to stand stable.The designed structure are mostly considered simple,practical,
pretty,comfortable,reasonable. It widely used in home pet wash,pet store,hospital,ect.

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The lifting dog wash tub adopts super plastic material,anti-microbial accessories,clean and safe.The anti-slide bottom helpful for dogs

to stand stable.The designed structure are mostly considered simple,practical,pretty,comfortable,reasonable. It widely used in home pet wash,pet store,hospital,ect.

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1.SanglePet electric plastic pet bath tub,the electric plastic pet bath tub developed and manufactured.

2.The bass of pet bath tub is of high quality inclined steel structure,which can make the pet bath tub lift stably. is a pet bath tub with high quality but reasonable price. It is made by easily clean material and has three colors available: Grey, purple and blue.

4.The bottom of the pet bath tub with paw texture, it is skid proof.

5.The height of the pet bath tub can be adjusted from 85cm to 120cm, according to the actual requirement.

6.With its own soap holder that can save the space .With the grooming arm that can well hold the pets.

7.With the movable partition that can put in the middle place of the plastic pet bath tub .

8. the plastic pet bath tub can be a convenience for the beautician when wash the small pets. 

Technical Data:

1). Item Name:Lifting Dog Wash Tub Plastic

2). Brand: SanglePet

3). Model: SL-H112

4). Material: Super Plastic material

5). Color available:Grey/White/Blue/Purple

6). Size:148cm*80cm*88cm-123cm

7). Support: electric lifting

8). Skid resistance bottom design

9). Hooks frame equipped installed to keep your pets safe

10). Reasonable storage place design

12). Removable door helpful for dogs to go freely

13). Sub-plate used for small dog wash

14). Gross Weight:92KGS


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