Veterinary Automatic Air Warming System
Veterinary Automatic Air Warming System is designed for  and placed around, on or
under the pet to receive a surgery,with high safety,good heat preservation,wide clinical
 application experience,widely used in Animal hospital,Veterinary Clinic,ect.

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Veterinary Automatic Air Warming System is designed for  and placed around, on or under the pet to receive a surgery,with high safety,good heat preservation,wide clinical application experience,widely used in Animal hospital,Veterinary Clinic,ect.


Veterinary Automatic Air Warming consists of a five-range temperature management module, an internal cleaning and disinfection module, a hot air purification module and a number of other components, including WARMAIR reusable air cushion, disposable surgical air cushion and air cushion for impatient pet cage.  

WARMAIR is connected to the warming air cushion through a hose. Warm air is generated in the main unit and forced into the air cushion through the hose. The warming air cushion of a proper model is placed around, on or under the pet to receive a surgery. Warm air will be evenly blown onto the pet through the small holes on the warming air cushion.

Technical Data:

Model: SL-WA

1).Reaching the setting temperature point within 2mins~8mins;

2).Working temperature: -10℃~45℃(temperature allowance±1℃); 

3).Three-layer air purification and filtering 0.2umHEPA; 

4).Heating PTC:700W resistance; 

5) Fan speed:110V/3540RPM;22V/945RPM;  

6).Air Volume:27/3345 CMM/RPM; Fan Power:45W; 

7).Fan Nosie:49dBA(High);43dBA(Low); 

8).Static pressure: 110V/26mmAq;220V/18mmAq; 

9).Equipment Grade:110-120VAC/50/60HZ/11A;220-240VAC/50/60HZ/7.2A;


11).Ampere rating:12A(110-125VAC);8A(220-240VAC)

12).Breaking Capacity:15A/12A:10000A(125VAC);8A:200A(250VAC)

13).Horse Length:140CM;

Application Show:


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